Dark Waters (1994) Review

Amidst political and social problems in Ukraine, came this wonderful thriller jewel from the hands of the Italian director Mariano Baino, who co-writing alongside Andy Bark’s original story, created one of the creepiest and yet realist plot from the 90s.

It was also known as Dead Waters in America, and the story is about a girl who travels to an island in order to find out why her recently deceased father founded a monastery. Since the girl steps inthe first grain of sand, weird and creepy things start happening to her…

Her Travel as an Orphan Woman – Dark Waters Movie

Elizabeth (played by Louise Salter), is a little-troubled woman who after her father died, he found out he has been sending some money to a kind of monastery or convent in a Crimean island. This is where she starts to find out more things about her father and all of her family, thanks to the help of a girl who starts working as her guide showing all the secrets and interesting data of the island.

All the secrets and dialogue in this part of the movie was perfectly given to the audience, with a good pace and well-taken imagery that evokes great thoughts within the moments the characters stop talking. And as soon as everything is patiently given out to the audience, we start to feel a little creepier with time.

As soon as the movie gets to its main context, everything, from the shopkeepers, the strange people that appear, the nuns and even the catacomb setting are easily some of the creepiest ways to make people get engaged in a seemingly innocent movie about a girl and her past.

There’s even a part where a guy is feeding birds with the corpse of a man inside a coffin as if he were trying to never give aproper burial.

But this is nothing compared to the real hidden factor of the movie, a monster. This monster is not one of the best from cinema in any way, yet it was creepy enough to, without a doubt, make a lot of people fall from their seat. This part of the movie may be the less interesting due to an exceeding of creepiness that feels a little forced. But the entire movie stands easily on its own as a wonderfully made gothic horror example.

A Troubled Production

The movie is great for what it was actually worth and for what it meant to the world. Yet, the movie wasn’t easy to film or to create. According to the director, in order to find the perfect scenery, they had to travel from London, where they planned to film the movie originally, to Ukraine. Here’s where a big part of the movie was filmed, and amidst the fall of the Russian Revolution, political problems arose just in the middle of production and filming.

All the locations were real, and it is thought that Baino filmed the movie even when the night after they were awoken by firing shots near their filming location. This might not have changed anything from the movie, yet it is interesting enough to talk about, as it made the movie much more interesting to see despite how good it is in its entirety.

The Thoughts of a Well-Made Gothic Horror

Aside from its production and interesting plot, the movie was still not as good as many others in the same genre. But this doesn’t mean it was bad. Actually, Dark Waters as it is originally known, was a pretty good movie acclaimed by various critics and it was liked so much that it was even put as a cult movie in the 90s.

Today, it is not easy to remember it, and even less to find it in any easy-to-play way, whether it is online or physically. But this doesn’t mean the movie was good enough to be remembered. If you are looking for a creepy movie with an interesting plot and an even creepier denouement, this movie is perfect for you.

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