Double Game (1977) Review

Torino Violenta, as it was originally named in Italian, is the name of a movie directed by Carlo Ausino, starring George Hilton and delivering a famous poliziotteschifilm about a cop in Turin who goes all vigilante-oriented in order to stop everyday flow of violence and crime in the city. But Moretti, the cop, does it undercover, doing the dirty work he can’t as a cop.

A Violent Cop in Vigilante Dressings – Double Game (1977)

The movie starts when a stabbing, strangulation and a rape of a young girl plus many other really violentdouble game movie and criminal happenings start being too overwhelming to the police officers Danieli (played by Emanuel Cannarsa) and Moretti (played by George Hilton) so much they decide to take justice into their own hands – as civilians.

Everything goes all violent from here on, and we can see how a well-behaved cop is transformed into an assassin who’s only purpose is to save the city from being the most violent in Italy. But everything gets harder for this vigilante, as the mafia and gangs of the city start a war between them and the city is menaced to get blown up, maybe literally by a French crime organization, one of the gangs invading the city.

Moretti takes the place of the “necessary evil” as a way of ensuring the good on the city. But his task as a vigilante doesn’t go as well as he thought…

A Movie with a Troubled Production

Carlo Ausino made this movie after his last one didn’t get as much recognition as he wanted. The producers told him to make a poliziotteschi movie about corruption, crime and the mafia in Italy but based in the natal home of Ausino, Turin.

The movie was started, they chose George Hilton to star, and the rest of the cast was mainly made from Turin natives, like Emanual Cannarsa who plays the cop companion of Moretti. But the movie, even when having a star, a complete cast and a set of producers, it wasn’t still ready to be made professionally.

Hilton, who had a respected action career at the time, critiqued the fast-pacing production and filming of the movie, as he knew already the quality could have been left behind if they did not put enough effort into it. He later found out what the movie was filmed this way and ended up respecting the decision.

But the problems were not only from the cast. Actually, Ausino found many problems throughout the production and filming, especially from the props. They couldn’t find a proper police car to film, yet they found an old vehicle graveyard they used to film all the car scenes, even having to paint a custom car as a police car in order to give it enough realism. Yet, the cars were not fast enough, weren’t entirely complete and some of them were seen as unusable. But they found out the way to do it, yet the problems didn’t stop here.

According to Ausino himself, the movie was stopped for a few days after police officers, real officers from Turin police department came to the production site to see what they were doing after someone called them in suspicion of something bad happening in the car graveyard. But it ended up in nothing more than just a false terrorist assumption. Yet, it actually damaged the entire production.

Why It Should Have Been Cancelled

Even though the movie is not as bad as many people think, it is a total disappointment, especially for those who were expecting a lot more from this type of movie and genre.

Everything George Hilton was talking about actually happened. Due to a rushed and unexpectedly fast production time and filming, the movie didn’t have the action it deserved, and not because there was alack of it but because it wasn’t even half as good as it was expected from it.

Other movies of the same genre like Almost Human or Syndicate Sadists, were incredibly better than this, both in pacing, action, acting, characterization and even scenery. And even though George Hilton tries his best to give the movie some sense and a little of aninteresting approach to make it better, it still offers a pale, simplistic, and low-quality performance from the director and producers, for a movie that could have been better if there were enough work put into it.

Every scene seems like it doesn’t belong anywhere. The movie has not a real plot but it seems to only have Moretti doing bad things he shouldn’t be doing. The movie is simply not good, offering a dull and uninteresting story that could be a lot better yet it wasn’t even half of what it was supposed to be.

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