Best Italian Movies to Watch in 2016/2017

Italian movies are not as popular as Hollywood movies are, yet they are still really interesting and sometimes wonderfully made, and considering the fact that they are free in that it would be a shame not to watch them.
In the last few years, Italian cinema has given us great titles we think everyone should watch. These titles may not be for everyone but will for sure be incredibly interesting for those who watch them. Take a look and find out more!

Call Me By Your Name (2017)Call Me By Your Name

Directed by Lucas Guadagnino, this movie promises to be one of the best of this year without a doubt. It is about an American guy who travels to Italy in order to study, yet he meets with an Italian-American who lives there and get in love, experiencing one of the best times of their lives.

The director is recognized for doing wonderful movies in the past, like Melissa Pin 2005, I am Love in 2009, A Bigger Splash in 2016 and now he comes with a totally Italian cast and plot which precedes two other movies that are not entirely Italian, like Suspiria which is supposed to be released in 2017 as well and Rio for 2018 with a cast composed by Jake Gyllenhaal and Benedict Cumberbatch.

Perfect Strangers (2016)Perfect Strangers

From the hands of the incredibly talented Paolo Genovese, this movie offers a story of love, friendship, treason and much more. Seven friends meet each other after a long time, they start sharing all their secrets, and from now on, everything gets darker, everyone starts distrusting everyone and the friendship starts to break little by little.

Genovese has released many films in the past, yet this is the one that has gotten more recognition and the one which is totally recommended both for its plot and for its cinematography. This movie will for sure be liked by many, especially those who get to watch it with their friends…

Fire at SeaFire At Sea (2016)

Gianfranco Rossi, a documentaries creator from Italy who has brought many interesting films, now comes with this jewel about the island of Lampedusa, an island which is in the center of the migrant’s path who come from the Middle East and all the crisis and tragedy happening there. He captures the lives of many people who live on the island, and some of the encounters people have had with migrants.
His previous documentaries like El Sicario, Room 164 released in 2010 and Sacro GRA in 2013, are some of the best documentaries in this decade, both delivering high-quality ideas and happenings to the screen, creating awareness and the most interesting everyday lives of many people.

Suburra (2015)Suburra 2015 movie

Political corruption, drugs, the mafia and, of course, crime in the rawest way possible, all that make Suburra one of the most interesting films about the Italian mafia experience from the last few years. This movie is exquisite in almost every way, from its wonderful cinematography to an almost perfect story that comes from Giancarlo de Cataldo and Carlo Bonini’s novel.

It is directed by Stefano Sollima, a director who’s obsessed with corruption and the mafia, delivering a top-notch quality movie everyone should watch. Another great performance from Sollima is Gomorrah¸ a TV series also about the mafia and crime in southern Italy. We can also name A.C.A.Bfrom 2012 with a similar plot as well. Sollima is selected to direct the sequel of Sicariocalled Soldadofor 2018, starring Josh Brolin and Beniciodel Toro.

They Call Me JeegThey Call Me Jeeg (2015)

An action comedy drama about a guy who gains superpowers after falling in the Tiber is one of the funniest and most interesting films from Italian cinema the last few years. After this guy wins those superpowers he has to follow the track of “The Gypsy” a crazy gangster leader he wants to put down, but due to his misanthropic personality, Enzo, the guy with the superpowers, has to go through very interesting and funny experiences.

Gabrielle Mainetti, the director of this movie, is mainly an Italian actor recognized for movies like Winds of Passion (2000), Life Doesn’t Scare Me (1999) andTV series like Tutti per Bruno and La NuovaSquadra.

Human Capital (2013)Human Capital

Paolo Virzì directed this movie with masterful talent. Known for movies like My Name is Tanino from 2003 and Caterina in The Big City from 2004, Virzì here delivers a top-notch cinematography and screenplay which is worth the watch. Paolo has also delivered other great movies after this, Like Crazy (2016) is a great example, yet this one is much better and interesting.

This movie tells the story about two families which have to meet and get to know each other after a cyclist in Christmas Eve gets hit by a Jeep on the road. The movie is simply toasted, with a wonderful script that delivers a pretty interesting story not to miss by anymore.

The Great BeautyThe Great Beauty (2013)

An Oscar-winning film from Paolo Sorrentino, this 2013 masterpiece was delivered in a very esoteric but philosophical way about the life of a man who sees back through his life and thinks about how everything has been and how it is supposed to keep going. A movie filled with beauty, second meanings, wonderful photography and the most interesting yet confusing plot we’ve seen in the last decade – this movie is not something to miss.

Sorrentino has worked in many pretty good films before with actors like Sean Penn in This Must Be the Place (2011)and Youth (2015)with Michael Caine, both movies with exquisite film appeal. Other of his Italian movies are also very interesting, almost all of them starring Tony Servillo who’s also the lead actor in The Great Beauty. The Consequences of Love, One Man Up and IlDivo, are among his most recommended movies.

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These movies are incredibly good without a doubt. Whatever it is you want to watch, these movies have everything so you can choose with patience according to your needs. Just remember that all of them will deliver cinema in the most Italian way possible, making sure their mark is always in each one of them.